About the Journal

International Journal of Science for Global Sustainability (IJSGS) is a nonprofit scientific journal based in Faculty of Science, Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria dedicated to the publication and public discussion of high-quality studies investigating the Science, Engineering, Mining and Mathematics. It covers all areas of Pure and Applied Sciences. These include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, Computing, Zoology, Botany, Education and other areas related to the application of Engineering for Mineral Resources Exploration, Energy Production and Catalysis can also be considered.

The journal scope is focused on studies with general implications for Science, Engineering, Mining and Mathematics as well as investigations that are primarily of local or technical interest. The manuscript types considered for peer-reviewed publication are research articles, technical notes, review articles, letters, Short Communications and commentaries.

The current issue of the Journal covers manuscripts with contents in the following areas of global sustenance:

  • Environmental management through scientific research.
  • The role mathematics and simulations for ensuring a sustainable future.
  • Combined agricultural and biological investigations for addressing health and economic challenges.
  • Mitigating the projected economic problems for a sustainable world through multi- disciplinary research

Furthermore, IJSGS is also intended to offers an efficient new way of publishing special issues, in which the individual papers are published as soon as they are available and linked electronically.